A Choice for America

In this critical moment, we face a choice that will shape America for years, perhaps decades.

 This November, Americans will have a choice to decide America’s future. Once the decision is made, there will be no turning back. It’s a decision you must make on your own, nobody can make it for you. You must ask the right questions, read between the lines, reflect upon recent history, and think about what you want in life. This election does not only affect you. It affects your family, friends, children, and grandchildren. What we decide in November will last for years, maybe decades.

 Let’s examine the contrasting paths before us:

  1. Biden’s Approach:
    • Joe Biden, with his wealth of experience, doesn’t need to shout to make his point. He’s sharp, knowledgeable, and focused on solutions.
    • During the debate, he remained composed despite the barrage of lies from Trump. Fact-checking would have consumed all his time.
    • Biden listens, analyzes, and engages in thoughtful discussion. He has the backing of allies and understands the complexities of governing.
  2. Trump’s Legacy:
    • Trump reminisces about the past, touting his greatness while blaming others. He loved Putin and China but seemed to dislike America.
    • His lack of answers for the future and attacks on everyone reveal a leader stuck in the past.
    • Behind closed doors at Mar-a-Lago, he manipulates the Republican party, rewarding loyalists who kiss his ring.
    • Trump’s policies favored the rich and big corporations, leaving everyday Americans behind.
  3. The Choice Ahead:
    • Do we want a leader who stumbles over words but knows what needs to be done? One who values dialogue, allies, and thoughtful action?
    • Or do we choose someone who disregards the Constitution, praises dictators, and undermines institutions? A leader who threatens freedoms, science, and progress?
  4. The Stakes:
    • Climate change, women’s rights, education, and more hang in the balance.
    • Our forefathers fought for freedom; let’s honor their legacy by choosing wisely.
    • America’s future rests in our hands this November.

Remember to look beyond the surface, ask the right questions, and decide what legacy you want for your children and grandchildren.

Key policy positions from the 2024 presidential candidates:

  1. Joe Biden (D):
  2. Donald Trump ®:

Here are the key points about the healthcare plans of both candidates:

  1. Joe Biden (D):
    • Public Option: Biden aims to establish a Medicare-like public health insurance option, providing affordable coverage for the uninsured and underinsured.
    • Strengthening the ACA: His plan reinforces the Affordable Care Act (ACA), expands subsidies, and increases coverage options.
    • Reducing Prescription Drug Costs: Biden proposes allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, capping out-of-pocket costs for seniors, and limiting price increases for medications.
    • Mental Health and Substance Use: He focuses on expanding mental health coverage and integrating it with primary care.
    • Expanding Coverage: The goal is to insure over 97% of Americans.
    • Healthcare Workforce and Infrastructure: Efforts to improve access to quality healthcare services.
    • COVID-19 Response: Continues vaccine distribution and addresses pandemic impacts1.
  2. Donald Trump ®:
    • COVID-19: Trump’s administration achieved rapid vaccine development through “Operation Warp Speed.” However, his handling of the pandemic faced criticism.
    • Abortion: Indirectly impacted abortion policy by appointing Supreme Court justices who contributed to overturning Roe v. Wade.
    • Healthcare Plan: Trump’s second-term priorities remain unclear. His past accomplishments include policy changes that still stand today


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