The political climate is changing rapidly every day and I am here to help you sort through all of the propaganda that is transforming our country into a single political non-democratic society. This blog will be about how people are using the term “Woke” and how it is affecting their lives. I am not going to debate the merits of “woke” or take sides one way or another. I just want to share other people’s actions of “woke.”

I am of a good heart, soul, and mind, with an interesting blend of characteristics. I am very active, and I continuously seek out new information while reflecting upon what I have already gained.

 I try to maintain a full perspective of the things that have occurred in my life, thus allowing me to think more clearly about different points of view that others may have that are sometimes directly opposite of my view, but far too often identical in many ways.

 So don’t judge me by what you see, but by the contents of my character and my actions.