When does life begin: A National Debate

I truly believe consciousness begins at birth, when we first open our eyes and ears, when we feel the touch of our mother, when sensory input begins do present our surroundings to us and we begin to have a perception. It is also when a child receives a soul, when breathing in the first breath of life. Of course if you are religious, then you should not read what I posted. Religious people believes life begins at conception and should be given rights. We both have different views on when life begins. If you view the issue from a spiritually ethical view, then you would believe life begins at conception, but if you view it purely by biological and bio-electric, then you will believe that life begins at birth.

“Research indicates that even before birth, mothers’ moods may affect child development,” that being noted, Does it also mean that the fetus is conscious? Signs are rather contrary. Personally, I believe, that the fetus’ personality development is like a program being written, but it isn’t running yet. When you read “How To Create a Mind -Wikipedia,” a great book by Ray Kurzweil, it would suggest the same.

An embryo at conception is a cell that is genetically human, just like any other cell in your body. But an embryo is not “a human life” in the sense of it being ‘the life of a person”. Jennifer Anniston is a human life. Bradley Wiggins is a human life. They are legally and morally recognized as people, with sentience, personality, the ability to make choices and are legally recognized as having commensurate rights and responsibilities.

“Pro-lifers” seem to conflate the fact that an embryo is technically “biologically human” with the idea that it is “a human life” to suit their arguments. There are organisms that are far more sophisticated and far more capable of sentience, whose lives and welfare are treated with contempt. Whether they are open about it or not, there arguments are based on the Christian metaphysical belief that at conception an embryo has a soul. And they are based on Christian absolutist morality. These beliefs are completely unproven. If Christians want to live their own lives by these beliefs that’s completely acceptable. However they absolutely do not have a right to impose this on other people in a secular society. The scrapings of my cheek and parts of my toenails are “biologically human”. Do we want to give those cells rights?

An embryo at conception has no more sentience than the contents of a petri-dish. Giving it rights and responsibilities would be meaningless. As soon as pro-lifers demonstrate that an embryo has “a soul” in a way that meaningfully affects decisions about the course of its life, at that point we can have a conversation about whether it has a right to life. We might want to talk about other animals at the same time. We have pretty strong evidence that many higher mammals are sentient, yet raising the in factory farms to be killed and eaten is apparently OK.

The opinions expressed in this article is mine and mine only. Since it is a personal opinion, it is based on my own personal experience and beliefs. Everyone is entitled to what they believe, and I am not here to change someone’s opinion or beliefs.

The Woke Report for the week of September 24,2023

Beginning with the election of Joe Biden, republicans and right-wing conservatives have continued attacking and seeking revenge on anyone who opposes their agenda. More corporations are facing new boycotts, they are bypassing lower courts rulings and taking their cases to conservative supreme courts, new challenges are still being added over the 2020 and 2024 election. Right-wing conservative groups are continuing the take over of school board and now local city and county government boards, all the while continuing to ban books and eliminate diversity and equality studies from grade schools through college. Are they ever going to do something to improve our lives?

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Burger King faces a whopper of a Bud Light-style boycott problem

A unique Texas legal rule lets the attorney general’s office supersede some judges’ orders

California sues anti-abortion organizations for unproven treatment to reverse medication abortions

The Far Right Took Over a County Board in Michigan and Wreaked Revenge

Which health department programs are at risk if the county budget is approved Tuesday?

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3 in Kent in Ottawa County hospitalized with West Nile virus.

Kari Lake’s trial to review signed ballot envelopes from Arizona election wraps up

Kari Lake court arguments continue over making public signatures on 2022 ballot envelopes

“Not even in the ballpark”: Judge dismisses three “obviously unqualified” Kari Lake witnesses

Kari Lake’s sixth sense tells her she will lose, again, in court

Conservative activists uses Civil War-ere law to challenge US corporate diversity

Top Republicans launch probe into Leonardo DiCaprio-funded blue state lawsuits against Big Oil Companies

Mississippi’s state auditor proposes cutting funding for degree programs like women’s and African American studies in the state

Mississippi’s auditor says several college majors indoctrinate students and should be defunded

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“Never apologize”: How Moms for Liberty teaches its members to spin the media

Moms for Liberty’s School Board Antagonism Draws GOP Heavyweights

GOP presidential candidates want the Moms for Liberty vote in Pennsylvania.

The Moms Who Started The School Board Wars Are Now Presidential Kingmakers

Louisiana Democratic governor vetoes bill banning gender-affirming care for minors

Parents of transgender youth are suing to block Georgia’s gender-affirming care bill

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoes “Don’t say gay.” Gender-affirming care, and pronouns except on birth certificate

The number of Kansas residents officially changing genders quadrupled this year ahead of new law

No charges for Oklahoma sheriff who talked of killing journalists, prosecutor says

Speaker Robin Vos says he’ll move to end minority scholarship program after Supreme Court Ruling

Supreme Court lets stand gender dysphoria case in liberal win

Supreme Court allows transgender woman’s lawsuit against Virginia prison to continue

Indiana Supreme Court: Lawmakers can ban abortion except to protect mother’s health

One thing GOP Presidential Candidates Agree On: marginalized Americans Should Suffer

2nd bus carrying asylum seekers from Texas arrives in Los Angeles

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Question on Sexually Explicit School Library Books Upsets Virginia Parents

Georgia Kids would need parental permission to join social media if Senate has its way

Florida Students Limited to Excerpts of Shakespeare Due to ‘Sexual’ Themes

Idaho Professors Sue Over Law Threatening Prison for Teaching about Abortion

Florida Gov. DeSantis Suspends Official, Smile Behind ‘This is Fine’ Meme

Stephen Miller Files Complaint That Gay Pop-Tarts Are Sexualizing Kids

Judge Reminds Anti-Abortion Attorneys That No Women Helped Draft Utah’s Constitution in 1895

DeSantis-appointed state attorney cancels diversion programs, nixes policy following Worrell’s ouster

DeSantis suspends a second elected Florida prosecutor

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet cancelled by DeSantis’ ‘don’t say gay’ law

GOP Lawmaker’s Wife Makes Little Free Libraries a Culture War Battleground

Republican Congressman Accidentally Admits There’s No Proof of Biden Corruption

Ron DeSantis Again Claims Immunity From Disney Lawsuit Over Theme Park District

Red states are threatening to criminalize out-of-state abortions. These blue states are fighting back

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