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The has been many changes over the last ten years with this world becoming more divided every day.

At some point in life, it becomes necessary to prioritize oneself and act according to one’s beliefs. The world is home to two types of people, those who prioritize themselves above others, and those who prioritize others above themselves. However, everyone has a limit to what they can give. Overexerting oneself can deplete the body of energy, leaving nothing left to give. On the other hand, those who never prioritize themselves tend to accumulate energy without putting it to use. Therefore, it is important to assess one’s needs and desires and act accordingly. By doing so, one can live life to the fullest, experience an improvement in health, and develop a positive self-image. Once goals are achieved, no one can take away the sense of accomplishment. It’s time to unleash the potential that lies within and live life without limitations. My hope is to share the news stories that seeks to spread propaganda of hate in exclusion.

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