The Attack on Israel, the US Elections

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those people in the Middle East who have been affected by the brutal tragedy and violence.
Did the republicans just get a golden ticket to the 2024 elections.

The attack on Israel was a terrible tragedy, and it should not be exploited for political gain. However, some politicians will inevitably try to use it to advance their own agendas, or to blame the US for the breach. One Israeli official has already accused the US intelligence of failing to detect the signs of the attack.

I think the US will react in three ways. First, they will offer more aid and equipment to Israel, even though Israel already has the best defense system and military capabilities in the world. Second, they will criticize Biden and the intelligence agency for not providing vital information that could have prevented the attack. Third, they will demand more funding and stricter enforcement for border security. They will argue that this attack shows the need to protect the US from external threats.

I can imagine Republicans coordinating their strategy over the weekend, and launching their attack on Monday morning, regardless of what intelligence and events unfold over the weekend.

Here is how I expect them to spin the tragedy:

  • They will blame the Biden administration and the Intelligence Department for not giving enough intelligence to the Israelis.
  • They will ask Congress to appropriate more money for Israel, and to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs to pay for it.
  • They will use this as a rallying cry to secure the border by increasing enforcement, providing more funding, and deploying troops.

They will repeat these talking points through every channel of the Republican party until the election cycle.

They will accuse Biden and all Democrats of being soft on security, intelligence, crime, border crossings, and military readiness.

And finally, they will initiate more investigations to find out who they can blame, embarrass, humiliate, and destroy to make themselves look good.

This is a horrific event that deserves compassion and solidarity, not political manipulation. It is sad that some Republicans will use it as an opportunity to advance their own interests.

The republicans will see this as a golden ticket to the election.